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Credit reports in Ukraine

GCS Ukraine provides their clients with credit reports in Ukraine and abroad.

Usually the standard type credit report encloses information about directors and founders, related companies, the sphere of activity, resources, company’s partners and clients, the number of staff, financial data, registration info, listing in bankruptcy or insolvency databases, present and past legal actions etc.

The cost of basic credit report on a company in Ukraine is 60 USD.

Credit reports in Ukriane consists of the following information:

  1. Registration and contact data
  2. Owners, management
  3. Directly related entities, branches
  4. Court decisions
  5. Bankruptcy check
  6. Export and import data
  7. Balance sheet
  8. P&L accounts
  9. GCS blacklist check
  10. Tax administration black list
  11. VAT payer status
  12. Rating and credit limit


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