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Debt recovery in Ukraine

Debt recovery is a process of gathering money from people or companies, that they owed to other people or companies.

GCS Ukraine provides comprehensive commercial and consumer debt recovery in Ukraine as well as CIS countries for local and international businesses both in Ukraine and around the world.

How to recover the debt?
This question regularly appears before directors of companies which sell on credit or grant loans. Moreover, in most cases the company is the link in the supply chain itself (dealer, distributor, wholesale supplier etc). This fact means the company can become a supplier’s debtor itself. The simple way to avoid problems with debts in future is working with prepayment, however the market tends to dictate its own rules.

The main purpose of debt collection process at all is to establish the circumstances and details of problem debts. GCS Ukraine  experts develop a strategy that will maximise your company’s cash flow by securing the payment of outstanding debts and accounts receivable payments.
FACT 18 % of all debts, transferred to GCS Ukraine, were uncollected because of unavailability of confirmation documents.




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