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Global Credit Solutions (GCS) is one of the world’s largest debt collection and credit management specialists. With more than 3,000 people, employed in over 90 countries, GCS has the resources to ensure that you are protected fr om risk wherever you might be trading. 

Global Credit Solutions Limited originated in Austalia in 1976. The company was incorporated, to provide the infrastructure for a planned and sustained growth, in the vital area of Global Credit Management services. The company operates around the world now, providing premium services to its ever increasing list of high profile clients.

GCS has a commitment to being at the forefront of technology ensuring that we utilise that advantage to enhance the efforts of our qualified staff. Global Credit Solutions has a strong customer service culture realising that the latest technology alone does not make a successful organization. Global Credit Solutions holds a leading place in the credit management and debt collection industry, as a result of a commitment to providing solutions tailored to each of our client’s needs. Our Client Account Managers work with each client to provide the optimum solution for each partner in the relationship. 

In addition, debt collection agency Global Credit Solutions has developed a wide range of networked agencies in those countries wh ere we do not already have a Global Credit Solutions Group office.

Each Global Credit Solutions office offers expertise, in the language, culture, custom, rules and regulations of their respective countries, and is able to provide a quick and comprehensive analysis for our clients. Each office is able to satisfy all client’s needs in respect to their assignments. 

GCS is dedicated to being the Global leader in the development and provision of Credit Management & Risk Management Services.

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