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People search in Ukraine

GCS Ukraine provides search of people on the all territory of Ukraine. There is a variety of situations, when customer needs to find somebody, like:

  • search of debtor (usually named “skip tracing”)
  • search of missing relative, friend or business contact
  • search of defendant in court cases
  • search of blackmailer or other persons that threat or violate personal safety.

GCS Ukraine provides people search in Ukraine on NO TRACE – NO FEE BASIS.

GCS Ukraine is able to help in all of them.

Skip tracing is the most simple product. Search of debtors requires some skills, experience and training in systematical search and analysis of information as well as access to the databeses, both open and subscription ones. By nature, skip tracing is almost always open investigation, i.e. there is no need to hide the fact of search from the person being searched. Usually skp tracing is desktop investigation, so it does not require any field action; investigator tries to find actual contacts of the person and its location by databases research and distant enquiries.

Search of missing relative, friend or business contact is quite similar to skip tracing, though usually it is more hard to accomplish. Customer usually applies to investigator when he cannot reach the person through normal way of communications, which means person changed its place of living, telephone number, e-mail, etc. More deep database research is required in such cases; much more enquiries are needed to do to get the trace of the person. Also field visits, interviews with witnesses, other friends, workmates, neighbours usually required to succeed in the search.
Search of blackmailer or other persons that threat or violate personal safety is very specific kind of investigation that requires experience and patience. Since such investigation is secret by nature, strict observance of operational security is required to avoid leakage of information or uncover of investigation. Usually it requires team work of several investigators and involve such specialized technique as surveillance. Stakes here are much higher, since customer’s safety is involved, so such investigation should be accomplished only by absolute professionals.

No need to say, many other activities include people search in Ukraine, like debt collection requires search of debtor, anti-counterfeit investigation requires search of suspects and witnesses, etc.

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