Top-class risk management services in Ukraine

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involved in international collections. Steve: What was the leading opportunity for you to begin your career in the debt collection field? Ben: I was born and grew up in Hong Kong. I completed my education in Hong Kong which at that time was a colony of Britain and offered an excellent education system. After completing my schooling I started working with an investment management and consultancy firm in early 1980s and eventually joined a local credit reporting company; shortly after I was appointed to the position of Sales Manager in 1984. Interestingly whilst the company was a market leader in reporting there was no real collection industry in Hong Kong during the early eighties. Debt collection in Hong Kong was really handled by lawyers, or by criminal organizations like triads. In 1984, I met my partner Neil Wood, who while being based in Melbourne Australia, was keen to establish a presence in the Asian region. He saw Hong Kong as a natural regional office for south and north east Asia. We found we had a shared vision of building a company that would provide a “one stop shop” approach in all areas of credit management. Through Neil’s experience in investigations and a growing demand for us to expand our services, we ventured into risk management and the provision of investigation services, specializing in fraud cases, as well as business information and due diligence reports.

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