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When we analyze the economic situation globally today it is easy to come to the conclusion that some years ago businessmen, who had a profitable company and good prospects, had little if any idea about future crucial changes that would impact on them financially. According to GCS Ukraine research being held in September 2009 – February 2010 the large amount of bad debts commenced appearing in the second half of 2008, when the world financial crisis started happening. Since then the most popular answer on the question “Why don’t you pay off the debt?” becomes “You know, it was the crisis”. However, do they tell truth. There are many companies which continue to work without any reduction of activity and try to use the present global financial crisis and the ongoing effect to avoid their debt repayment. So, how should we aim to save our own businesses from bad debts and mitigate risks? There are many bad debts with so-called “ghost companies” (companies which actually have nothing except the registration certificate and an “attractive look”). The main reason for such debts is the client which didn’t take even the preliminary checking on those who he was going to deal with. At the same time the most widespread mistake of companies which still try to check the partner is making a decision after a very superficial checking of a credit applicant’s website, advertisement, or after personal impressions. or listening to somebody’s gossip. In addition the majority of these companies forget about the simple truth; that: the jurisdictional quality of contracts has almost no positive influence on the fulfillment of obligations. As a result the majority of companies pay unbelievable attention to texts of the contracts and totally disregard the collection of actual information about the counterpart, or seeking specific guarantees cross referenced to specific assets. The logical results of such “risk management” practices is increasing bad debts, which usually can’t be collected because the debtor is a Ghost Company – and has no assets. . Thus obtaining a factual CREDIT REPORT as part of the prior collection of information about a client, customer or partner, its financial solvency and business reputation is desirable no more, but absolutely essential. In the Ukraine, credit reports are usually provided by respectable companies, which specialize in risk management. General buyers of credit reports in the CIS region are non-residents; they usually do not work in the CIS region without prior checking of the partner. In the present unstable environment in the Ukraine credit reports become more topical, because any businessman would like to be sure of the good reputation and solvency of the client, customer or partner, and will aim to build business on trust only over period of time, where trust is earned by the actions of paying on time As for credit report prices, it depends on the urgency, location and volume of necessary information. For example, GCS Ukraine was the first company in the Ukraine which provided short credit reports on debtors which are established under the GCS global debt collection procedures. The strategic target of such an initiative is the promotion of risk management instruments in the Ukrainian business practice which can make domestic business more transparent and civilized. Around the world, a credit report is the standard risk-management instrument for companies which provide trade credit and who have no professional internal risk-management. A credit report will assist in reaching a decision to grant credit. Usually the standard type credit report encloses information about directors and founders, related companies, the sphere of activity, resources, company’s partners and clients, the number of staff, financial data, registration info, listing in bankruptcy or insolvency databases, present and past legal actions etc. It is necessary to note that a credit report is good protection from making business with fraud. Herein the costs of report usually make only very miserable percent of sum of a deal, i.e. money company can loose dealing with fraud. For sure, even the best credit report cannot guarantee 100% that a deal will be successful, but a credit report gives a good chance to estimate and leverage risks which in other words means saving the business from future trouble. There is nothing to add to this except the simple truth of risk-managers “Any risk management process is better than none”. Natalia Birova Vitaly Shevel Global Credit Solutions Ukraine

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