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DEBT COLLECTION INDUSTRY Steve: Tell me, what was the impetus or motivation for establishing a global credit and collection organization? And why a partnership and not just membership? Neil: It was 1977 and I believed that globalization meant we needed to offer at the very least a regional service, because Australia was already an exporter to the Asia Pacific region and as it turned out was destined to become on the major economies of the region. What we now know as NAFTA, Europe Union, AFTA and MERCOSUR (the various free trade associations) were only starting to be formed but it seemed to me that if I could offer credit and risk management services regional then globally, we would be in strong position to expand our client base and revenue. Whilst venture capital companies were looking for entrepreneurs to invest in, I wanted to retain my independence, whilst at the same time not creating just another industry association. Members belong to industry associations and may or may not participate in a pro active way. By seeking to develop a unique group where the partners are required to undergo both a stringent due diligence and contract to meet service criteria, we created an organisation where all partners share a common vision and therefore strive to achieve our goals and objectives far more than an industry member would do. Steve: With partners in over 80 countries, which areas have the most prevalent partners and where are you looking to increase the number of partners. Neil: The majority of partners are located in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East

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