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Debt collection is a complex of informational, legal and psychological influence methods on the debtor, depending on type of the debt, consumer or commercial. Often the clients, who appeal to GCS Ukraine, ask about methods of working with debtors. The best way to explain the features of the debt collection process – to tell some practical stories about successful debt recovery, it will help clients to find the answers on their questions. Debtor– future partner One Ukrainian company «A..» owed money another Italian company «В..». The creditor could not recover his debt by himself, that’s why he appealed with the request on the debt collection in Ukraine to GCS Ukraine. The client did not provide any debtor’s contact data, therefore GCS Ukraine team started to look for the company details by themselves. It has been found, the company exists, but did not carry out any business activity. Meanwhile, the shareholders of the company-debtor “A..” registered a new company “C..”. After some attempts GCS experts appointed the meeting with the management and shareholders of the company «А..». After long negotiations, GCS team persuaded the debtor to repay their debt. It must be carried out through the signature of the new contract on goods delivery between the creditor and the new «С..». According to the terms of the contract the creditor should sell the goods to the company “C..” on the basis of 100 % prepayment and the company «С..» takes upon itself the obligation to repay the debt of company “B..” in parts. The new debtor was obligated to pay 10 % of the amount of specification of goods, concluded between both parties, every month. This order of payments was suitable for the both parties, and the creditor and the debtor reestablished and continued further cooperation, mutually beneficial for both of them. Compromise – the best solution One Swedish company «C..» appealed to the debt collection company GCS Ukraine with the enquiry to recover the debt from Ukrainian company«Х..». The debtor and creditor were in friendly relationships for a long time, but at certain point the debtor stopped to make payments. GCS Ukraine experts contacted to CEO of the company –debtor «Х..». CEO informed them, that he has no idea how this debt has appeared. GCS Ukraine experts provided the proving documents, whereupon CEO started to find out the details of this case. It has been found, the former manager, responsible for the customer relationships, just did not inform about necessity to pay the invoice neither accounting, no management. This fact became the reason of unpaid debt. In summary, the fact of availability of debt was confirmed, but there was a new obstacle. According to Swedish legislation the debtor should pay his debt not to the creditor directly, but to the bank account of the debt collection company, that started debt collection process on the debtor. The debtor had to pay not only the amount of debt, but the creditor’s expenses for international recovery also. CEO of the company «Х..» refused to pay neither creditor’s expenses nor the amount of debt . GCS Ukraine experts explained the debtor the features of Swedish legislation and informed that according to the contract between both parties, all disputes and disagreements which can appear during execution should be solved on the territory of Sweden, regardless the location of the defendant. Therefore, when the debtor understood impossibility to avoid legal actions, he paid both amount of debt and creditor’s expenses. «The difference between legislation of various countries often leads to contradictory between contracting parties. And our company, as the leading Ukrainian debt collection company, is the professional referee in resolving such a situation»,– Oksana Rudetskaya, leading specialist on debt collecting says. This article once again shows us successful examples of debt recovery, in particular, international debt recovery. Svetlana Kovalchuk Global Credit Solutions Ukraine

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