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By Neil Wood – Group Managing Director Global Credit Solutions Limited The increasing use of mediation and aribitration to resolve disputes between organisations from multiple countries, and the subsequent failure of some arbitration rulings involving very large sums of money, is leading to an increasing number of cases being placed with investigation companies with an […]


The Ukrainian debt collection industry was only in its formative stages when it met the challenges of the world financial crisis in the middle November 2008. The collapse of the world’s banking system, high and rising unemployment and the subsequent panic led to rapidly increasing bad loans portfolios of up to 20%, with 30% of […]

Ukrainian collection business gets on edge

Last 6 months Ukrainian debt collection business was developing very quickly and dramatically but mainly still in the sphere of debt collection of consumer debts. Bad consumer debts increased 4 times since beginning of 2009, but market was steady until the moment when government paid their attention to the debt purchase sphere. In August 2009 […]


DEBT COLLECTION INDUSTRY Steve: Tell me, what was the impetus or motivation for establishing a global credit and collection organization? And why a partnership and not just membership? Neil: It was 1977 and I believed that globalization meant we needed to offer at the very least a regional service, because Australia was already an exporter […]

How to recover the debt?

When we lend money we do not think indebtedness may happen. But when the debt is not paid you are faced with the question of how to get your money back. This question regularly appears before directors of companies which sell on credit or grant loans. Moreover, in most cases the company is the link […]

Credit report. How to check the client?

When we analyze the economic situation globally today it is easy to come to the conclusion that some years ago businessmen, who had a profitable company and good prospects, had little if any idea about future crucial changes that would impact on them financially. According to GCS Ukraine research being held in September 2009 – […]

Investigations in Ukraine

Investigations in Ukraine are often the subject of social discussions mainly because the investigation profession is not regulated by Ukrainian law. And so no person can become a licensed investigator. The Ukrainian parliament has tried to pass such a law regulating the investigation profession many times since 2000 without any success. The specialists say the […]

Global Legislation For Debt Collection

Michael N Collyer Global Financial Crisis, are three words almost guaranteed to strike fear into any businessman. Since 2007 the Global economy has suffered its worst setback since the 1930s and some argue that this financial period should be classified as the “Great Recession.” ( The 1930s was referred to as the “Great Depression”) No […]


By: Bar el Yaron, advocate Global Credit Solutions, Israel During this article I will discuss the debt collection possibilities in every corner of the world, excluding only countries like Somalia, Zimbabwe and other countries in the third world. The GCS corporation, of which our office is the Israeli partner, specializes, among other things, in debt […]

Turkish GCS partner, introduces pre-legal debt collection to foreign creditors in their country

Debt collection as financial service is a totally new business sector in Turkey. Until recently, payment issues were either being settled after lengthy Court procedures, or solved behind closed doors with a personal settlement. Consultancy companies did not at all play any role and pre-legal collection has never been an option to foreign creditors. At […]

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