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What are the chances to collect a debt

What are the chances to collect a debt Every second client asks us “what are the chances to collect my debt?”. That is not easy to answer. If the case were about mass collection of B2C debts, it is possible to asses such chances based on stats received from processing of previous or similar portfolios […]

How to find collection agency

How to find collection agency Obviously there is no problem if there is only one collection company in the country you have debt in, or you can easily determine obvious leader there. However, in the most of the countries there are number of collection agencies and lawyers offering debt collection and it is hard to […]

Jak odzyskać dług na Ukrainie

Jak odzyskać dług na Ukrainie Ufaj, ale sprawdzaj. Jak odzyskać dług na Ukrainie? Najpierwsze trzeba pamiętać że lepiej zapobiegać niż leczyć. Nigdy nie lekceważ sprawdzeniem wiarogodności partnera, tym bardziej w Ukrainie. 50-70 EUR inwestowanych w raport kredytowy może poratować od straty tysięcy EUR z powodu  niesumiennego partnera. Nawet podstawowe sprawdzenie przez bezpłatne Ukraińskie online serwisy […]

What company intelligence may be obtained in Ukraine.

When doing investigation, GCS Ukraine do it legally and ethically. We collect information either from open sources, or subscription databases, media searches, or human intelligence. Some information is always open and available, some is available only towards certain types of companies, or specific situation or only by specific request.   In this article we will […]

How to check company in Ukraine

How to check company in Ukraine World changed. Information became more open and available. However, if 5 years ago it was hard to access information, now it is hard to fish out information in the ocean of data, assess, process it and convert in actionable and understandable intelligence. This article is to how to find […]

When and how use due diligence investigation

Due diligence investigation is focused gathering intelligence about the company/business/key stakeholders to assist in business decision making process. The key word here is FOCUSED.   Unlike of credit report, which is general product “all-size-fit-all” which contain standard set of data, due diligence should have SCOPE. In other words investigators should know: Why intelligence is gathered, […]

Brand protection in Ukraine. Criminal and administrative measures.

When customs, operative and civil measures are exhausted (or not used), the last way to protect brand is to take criminal and administrative measures. Though they are liked the most by clients they are also the most hard to accomplish. For the last ten years IP crimes have been rarely appearing on LEA radars as […]

Brand protection in Ukraine. Ukrainian customs

Naturally, the first barrier on the way of counterfeit is customs. Effectiveness of Ukrainian customs may be reflected by single figure – 5 interceptions for 3 months of 2017. With 3400 records in customs register (and 1300+ active ones) and size of Ukraine it is almost nothing. By confessions of customs officials counterfeit is not […]

IACC Survey Shows Women Thrive in Commercial Collections

News & Notes from IACC With Mother’s Day being this month, moms are in the spotlight, but as a survey recently conducted by the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC) indicates, whether you’re a mom, daughter, sister, aunt or grandmother, the collections industry is a choice one for women, with a significant number of […]

Brand protection in Ukraine. IPR protection

This article is about protection of brands in Ukraine. It doesn’t cover protection of copyrights or patent law, which are other type of IP rights with different protection strategy.     The IP situation in Ukraine is very well reflected in special 301 report which took Ukraine off priority watch list in 2008 due to […]

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