Top-class risk management services in Ukraine

How to find person in Ukraine

There are various situations when you need to find person in Ukraine. Sometimes it is search of old friend or partner inspired by personal interest, sometimes it is search of debtor or contractor insired by business interest. It can be quite hard to find somebody without proper experience and knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian but […]

What company intelligence may be obtained in Ukraine.

When doing investigation, GCS Ukraine do it legally and ethically. We collect information either from open sources, or subscription databases, media searches, or human intelligence. Some information is always open and available, some is available only towards certain types of companies, or specific situation or only by specific request.   In this article we will […]

How to check company in Ukraine

How to check company in Ukraine With a lot of open information that appeared in last 5 years it is still sometimes hard to understand how to check company in Ukraine. It is hard to fish out information in the ocean of data, assess, process it and convert in actionable and understandable intelligence. This article […]

When and how use due diligence investigation

Due diligence investigation is focused gathering intelligence about the company/business/key stakeholders to assist in business decision making process. The key word here is FOCUSED.   Unlike of credit report, which is general product “all-size-fit-all” which contain standard set of data, due diligence should have SCOPE. In other words investigators should know: Why intelligence is gathered, […]

Brand protection in Ukraine. Criminal and administrative measures.

When customs, operative and civil measures are exhausted (or not used), the last way to protect brand is to take criminal and administrative measures. Though they are liked the most by clients they are also the most hard to accomplish. For the last ten years IP crimes have been rarely appearing on LEA radars as […]

Brand protection in Ukraine. Ukrainian customs

Naturally, the first barrier on the way of counterfeit is customs. Effectiveness of Ukrainian customs may be reflected by single figure – 5 interceptions for 3 months of 2017. With 3400 records in customs register (and 1300+ active ones) and size of Ukraine it is almost nothing. By confessions of customs officials counterfeit is not […]

Brand protection in Ukraine. IPR protection

This article is about protection of brands in Ukraine. It doesn’t cover protection of copyrights or patent law, which are other type of IP rights with different protection strategy.     The IP situation in Ukraine is very well reflected in special 301 report which took Ukraine off priority watch list in 2008 due to […]

Private Detective: It’s not like on TV, I have not Ferrari. We deal with serious cases

Private Detective: It’s not like on TV, I have not Ferrari. We deal with serious cases   by Claudiu Surmei The work of a professional private detective is nowhere near as can be seen on television, and more detectives focus on serious cases, for commercial customers, targeting cases of counterfeiting, surveillance and background checks of […]

Corporate investigations in Ukraine

In today’s world, there is a big number of detective agencies around the world, including Ukraine. Most of agencies and private investigators are engaged in private investigations such as spousal surveillance, divorce investigations, kids protection, search of information, etc. Corporate or business investigations are not so wide spread, but it becomes a trend of big […]

Investigations in Ukraine

Investigations in Ukraine are often the subject of social discussions mainly because the investigation profession is not regulated by Ukrainian law. And so no person can become a licensed investigator.   The Ukrainian parliament has tried to pass such a law regulating the investigation profession many times since 2000 without any success. The specialists say […]

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