Top-class risk management services in Ukraine

Field investigations include variety of activities in the field like:

Conducting field surveillance via both stationary and mobile surveillance.

Conducting scene investigations, interviews, recorded statements, etc.

Obtaining professional quality video, audio and photographic documentation of subjects.

Site visits,

Recruiting and handling informers and insiders,

Undercover operations of various goals and types.

GCS investigators posess the highest level of knowledge and experience to handle field operations. Through years GCS Ukraine also created and handled network of the agents in the various fields and specializations.

Field investigation is quite individual and specific product, where customer should clearly understand what he wants to get in the end. With clear goals set by customer, our investigators would build detailed plan of investigation which will lead to getting the result.

With globalization, field investigations often converts from local inquiries to cross-border investigation, where GCS Ukraine is still able to help through GCS network of trusted and experienced investigators.

Compliance with law and ethics is another aspect of field investigations. As with other sorts of investigations, GCS Ukraine always comply with local law requirements as well as with legal or ethical requirements stated by the customer.

GCS realizes that your company reputation is a valuable asset, which is why we always conduct our investigations with the utmost professionalism and ethics. With many years of expertise and experience in this specialized field, you can be assured your case will be handled professionally and ethically, from start to finish.

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