Top-class risk management solutions in Ukraine

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Founded in 2007 in Kiev, Ukraine, GCS Ukraine is international company providing corporate risk management solutions.

Initially established to provide B2C debt collection services, the company was the first debt collection agency in Ukraine who changed specialization to purely B2B and international debt collection of best international business standards.

Since 2008 company became Ukrainian partner of GCS Group.

In 2009, company launched line of risk management products and finally evolved to provider of full range of credit and risk management solutions, including credit reporting, due diligence investigations, background checks, skip tracing, asset searches and other kinds of investigations.

For 7 years company served as headquarters of GCS Group Regional Director in CIS and Baltics, that allowed GCS Ukraine to gain strong experience and expand operations to the countries of former Soviet Union.

After split of GCS Group to GCS Credit and GCS Risk, company remains the member of both organizations to ensure the best standards and geographical coverage for its solutions.

Our memberships are:

  • GCS Credit (international community and network of credit management solutions providers)
  • GCS Risk (international corporation providing risk management solutions)
  • World Association of Detectives (the longest established and largest association of investigators)
  • Chamber of trade and commerce (organization that unites Ukrainian businesses exporting products and services to world markets).
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