Top-class risk management services in Ukraine

Due Diligence Ukraine investigation is the process of gathering intelligence about the company/business/key stakeholders to assist in business decision making process. In simple words it stands for “making sure you get what you think you are paying for.”

As any investigation, this process should be focused – investigators should be clearly informed about the purpose of due diligence.

Due diligence Ukraine investigations are generally required prior making investments in Ukraine, signing serious trade contracts, hiring vendors or suppliers, establishing joint ventures in Ukraine or during investigation of bigger international organizations with affiliations in Ukraine.

There are two main forms of due diligence Ukraine investigations we provide:

  • Business risk assesment Ukraine
  • Specific check of facts or allegations

Business risk asessment in Ukraine stands for general background check of reputation, solvency and reliability of subject. Unlike of credit report, due diligence is more deep research, comprising check company business affiliations, company assets check, company media search, check shareholders and management personal reputation, check shareholders and management business affiliations, check political or governmental exposure, check relations to organized crime.
Usually, results of investigation comes to due diligence report with summary, revealed details and intelligence chart, putting all intelligence in easily read visual form.

Specific check of facts or suspicions stands for very focused background check, when investigators are concentrated on getting specific pieces of intelligence or checking very specific facts or allegations, in addition to usual general background checks.

There are endless varieties of facts or allegations clients need to be checked, like:

    • Company owners, management and all their relations
    • Company export-import activities Ukraine
    • Company assets in Ukraine, their location
    • Adverse rumors about company in Ukraine
    • Company financial data Ukraine
    • Company bank accounts Ukraine
    • Company licenses Ukraine
    • Company court records Ukraine
    • Company property check
    • Company relations in Ukraine
    • Registered trademarks in Ukraine
    • Company stakeholders reputation, court and criminal records
    • Organized crime relations
      and many other.

Such investigaton may involve both desktop researches and special investigation techniques, like making site visits, surveillance over subjects, recruiting informers and even undercover operations.

Usually, results of investigation comes to due diligence report with summary, revealed details and supporting evidences (photographs, audio and video records, extracts from registries, witness statements, affidavits, etc.).

Due diligence Ukraine investigation touches number of legal and ethical issues, where it is crucial to do investigation without crossing the line. GCS Ukraine investigators always act within the boundaries of the country laws and customs collecting intelligence in legal and ethical way. We always pursue our investigations with the utmost professionalism so that client’s reputation is safe.

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