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Brand protection in Ukraine

GCS Ukraine offers brand protection (anti-counterfeiting) services for its clients in Ukraine. These services are directed on supporting of reputation and quality of your brand and help to ensure you from such a things like fraud, piracy and counterfeiting.

We can assist in:

  • Identifying suspects involved in the manufacture
  • Conduct investigations into the background of the targets
  • Undertake wholesale, retail and Internet purchases
  • Provide surveillance
  • Perform undercover operations
  • Liaise with customs
  • Conduct raids and market analysis

Our company offers proven solutions for dealing with brand protection issues by working with our clients, to identify suspects involved in the manufacture, conduct investigations into the background of the targets and then conducting wholesale, retail and Internet buys, technical & physical surveillance, undercover operations, customs liaison, raids and market analysis.

GCS Ukraine works closely with our clients to enforce IPR laws. Professional work ethics, dedication to succeed & strong client relationships has meant GCS Ukraine has continued to develop high level resources that provide valuable intelligence, and assistance in our goals.

Our clients include global manufacturing companies, who continue with our services due to the results achieved.

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