Top-class risk management services in Ukraine

When doing investigation, GCS Ukraine do it legally and ethically. We collect information either from open sources, or subscription databases, media searches, or human intelligence. Some information is always open and available, some is available only towards certain types of companies, or specific situation or only by specific request.


In this article we will tell about some of our sources and methods because we ensured they are legal in any situation and towards any company.

So we may check company assets in Ukraine, their location by means of access to subscription or open databases. We may do company property check in Ukraine also through field investigations like site visits to company addresses.

Checking company relations in Ukraine is  possible through deep analysis of open data from Register of companies and several on-line resources that returns company business affiliations in Ukraine.

Similarly, checking company licenses Ukraine is possible with us through united register of licenses and different open or subscription databases of governmental entities issuing the licenses.

We may comprehensively analyze company court records Ukraine by means of access to open court register with help of our lawyers who are capable to analyze and explain nature of litigations listed there.

Checking company reputation Ukraine and adverse rumors about company in Ukraine may be done through us by intensive media search and, if necessary, by collection of HUMINT (interviewing people).

The other important information about company stakeholders reputation may be checked via their court and criminal records Ukraine in open court register, various law enforcement and public resources. The same applies to the company’s organized crime relations Ukraine which may be checked through intensive media search and intelligence exchange with law enforcement.

That is to say nothing we may do intensive company media search to reveal various negative information about company in Ukraine.

We always work to find new sources and ways to obtain open source intelligence to satisfy risk management wants and needs or our clients.

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