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Due diligence investigation is focused gathering intelligence about the company/business/key stakeholders to assist in business decision making process. The key word here is FOCUSED.
Unlike of credit report, which is general product “all-size-fit-all” which contain standard set of data, due diligence should have SCOPE. In other words investigators should know: Why intelligence is gathered, for what kind of business decision making. Basic information about business client and subject are doing. Particular areas of interest regarding subject (e.g. financials, assets location, corporate structure).

Specific facts or suspicions that should be verified (e.g. suspicions about management reputation, criminal past, checking if data provided by subject is true, etc) So, despite of credit report and due diligence are basically come to gathering information, they have 2 main differences:

  • Focus. Due diligence is focused gathering of intelligence and credit report is not.
  • Set of intelligence. Credit report is standard product so it contains only standard set of information, commonly required by business, like identification data, shareholders, management, court records, basic financials. Due diligence may contain any type of intelligence based on scope of investigation and client’s wants and needs. Usually, though due diligence report contains all basic information like credit report plus all specifically required intelligence.

So if you do not have or know scope of intelligence gathering, or it is general check of your customer, or formal “Know Your Customer” check, better order credit report. It is standard product, so it is cheaper and faster to obtain.
However, if the deal is serious, you have some suspicions, deep focused searches are required and due diligence investigation should be conducted. GCS Ukraine provides both products, credit reports in Ukraine and due diligence check in Ukraine. If you are unsure what you need, contact us and get advise for free.

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