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How to check company in Ukraine

With a lot of open information that appeared in last 5 years it is still sometimes hard to understand how to check company in Ukraine. It is hard to fish out information in the ocean of data, assess, process it and convert in actionable and understandable intelligence.
This article is to how to find intelligence that allows to check existence and, to some extent reliability of company in Ukraine yourself.


First of all you should correctly identify the company you want to check. All Ukrainian companies have local ID, which is called EDRPOU (ЄДРПОУ). It is public, so just ask it from company you want to check or see it in the contract, invoice, letterhead, company papers, etc.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have EDRPOU, don’t know Ukrainian and have no Cyrillic on your keypad, it would be quite a challenge to surf Ukrainian language sources of information and check company in Ukraine. Then we advise to contact us for some of our products, for example – basic due diligence company check.

But, if you have EDRPOU you can make basic check company in Ukraine yourself.

Bankruptcy check Ukraine

The most reliable way is to visit web-site of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine . It is in Ukrainian, but using page search keyword (ЄДРПОУ) you may find necessary field, type in ID and see if any result appears below. Results would be in Ukrainian, but rule here is simple: good result is no search results at all. If you see results, it means company is somehow in bankruptcy or liquidation. Do not even try to work with them.


Check  company shareholders and management Ukraine

To check company registration data Ukraine, visit web site of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. It is also in Ukrainian. You should put check mark for the second option “Юридична особа”  then put EDRPOU in the search field. Pass CAPTCHA anti-robot protection and you will get result of company registration information Ukraine. Click on the button to get details.

Again, all details are in Ukrainian but you may copy content and Google translate it to make very basic check company in Ukraine. Pay attention on the registration date (the older company is, usually is the better) and check registered activities (ideally they should more or less match with your understanding of company’s services). No need to say, you should check who registered director is and if the same person is signing papers (e.g. contract with you).

Obviously, if you don’t find company there at all, it is bad sign – company does not exist.


Check company court records Ukraine

Thic check of company in Ukraine may have limited value if you do not know Ukrainian, since you won’t be able to understand content of court decisions, but still it is worth to try search in the Court Registry. Just put the name of the company in Ukrainian and/or its EDRPOU in the top search field, using brackets for exact search, like in Google. You may copy-paste name from some documents or from the results of check on Ministry of Justice Website (see “Check company shareholders and management Ukraine”).

Rule of search is simple: definitely good result is no search results at all. If you see results, it doesn’t mean anything bad, it just means company was somehow involved in some litigations (may be as plaintiff, or third party). However you would need somebody to check it and explain the nature of those litigations, whether they are not about debts or criminal cases or so.


Check company tax records Ukraine

This check will help you to get idea on company tax reputation in Ukraine, though you will need Cyrillic on your keypad to pass CAPTCHA anti-robot protection.

So, visit web site of Fiscal Service of Ukraine. It is in Ukrainian, but using page search keyword (ЄДРПОУ) you may find necessary field and type in ID. You will need Cyrillic keypad to fill CAPTCHA field, then see if any result appears below. Results would be in Ukrainian, but website highlights them. Green color means some normal record and red one means negative record (like tax debts). See red color result? Google translate it to see what it is about and think twice before dealing with that company.

Check via search engine

In many cases it is worth to put company EDRPOU in search engine, like Google. If company exists, you must see results. Some of them would be in Ukrainian, but you may also see information in English (e.g. some aggregators translate information they collect from open sources and provide it in English interface).

You then may ensure at least that company exists and learn basics about it.

Basically that is everything you can do without knowledge of language, local ID, subscription databases and other sources of information and investigative methods known to risk management company in Ukraine.


Whether such basic check does not satisfy your needs, apply to us.

We may offer advanced and comprehensive risk management solution in form of due diligence investigation


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