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There are various situations when you need to find person in Ukraine. Sometimes it is search of old friend or partner inspired by personal interest, sometimes it is search of debtor or contractor insired by business interest.

It can be quite hard to find somebody without proper experience and knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian but still sometimes even basic search may get you to the result.

This article is about how to try to find person in Ukraine yourselves using open source data.

First of all you should correctly identify the person you want to check. Common identifiers are name and surname, but it is obvious many combinations of name and surname will have too many matches and you won’t be able to identify person correctly. Here you should know that in Ukraine most people also have patronymic name. There are still cases when names, surnames and patronymic names are same for different people, but still it narrows down the search.

The other important identifier is date of birth. Nowadays, it is more and more rare occasion when people indicate their date of birth somewhere online, but still it may be of good use in your searches.

There is no need to say it is better to know how person’s name is written in local script. Unfortunately, if you do not have those identifiers, don’t know Ukrainian and have no Cyrillic on your keypad, it would be quite a challenge to surf Ukrainian language sources of information and find person in Ukraine. Then we advise to contact us for some of our products, for example – people search Ukraine.

But, if you have them you can try to find person in Ukraine yourself.

Social networks

Whether you need to learn person better or get in open contact with him or her, social networks is good way to start. With Instagram and Facebook being quite popular, you should also know that Russian social networks and are still quite popular among Ukrainians. Name and surname, date of birth and knowledge of where the person is from will help you to surf in those social networks.

Sometimes ther are too many matches during the search in the social network and person does not indicate much about her birthday, origin or residence to allow you exact identificaion. Here you may use our tip – check person’s timeline. Quite often friends greet person with birthday on the timeline; check when they are posted and compare with birth date you know. This way you may establish whether it is right person you are looking for.

Online telephone books

Online telephone books like this one, usually contains very old information. However, you may be lucky and old address or telephone is still actual.

Otherwise, it may became great source of additional information, e.g. with knowledge of name, surname and date of birth you may additionally learn patronymic name and geographical location to use it in further searches.

For example, combination of name, surname and patronymic would be in great help in searching where person took its higher education (if any).

Business registers

With almost 2 millions of Ukrainians being registered as private enterpreneurs and many more to be involved in business as shareholder or management it is good chance your object of interest can be found in business registers of Ukraine. If you want to check it from primary source, you may read how to do it in our other article devoted to checking companies in Ukraine. Alternatively, you may go by more simple way and put person’s surname, name, patronymic (in this order!) in search engine and reach results from some web-site aggregator; which may even translate information in English.

It will be also wise to put information you have via regular search in search machines. Try to put name, surname and patronymic or name, surname and date of birth or name, surname and location in search engine. Sometimes it may lead you to person you are looking for.

Basically that is everything you can do without knowledge of language, local ID, subscription databases and other sources of information and investigative methods known to risk management company in Ukraine.

Whether result of your check does not satisfy your needs, or it was unsuccesful, apply to us.

We may offer advanced and comprehensive searches with reasonable (and often quite low) prices.

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