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Private Detective: It’s not like on TV, I have not Ferrari. We deal with serious cases
by Claudiu Surmei
The work of a professional private detective is nowhere near as can be seen on television, and more detectives focus on serious cases, for commercial customers, targeting cases of counterfeiting, surveillance and background checks of employees of companies.
“I’m afraid it’s not like on TV. I have a Ferrari. I sit at the computer between 8 and 10 hours a day and I think so do a lot of detective. Throughout his career he had to go on the street to gather information but information is more readily available in the online nowadays. you must be able to find her, to decipher and to report what the customer needs. If you look from the outside, seems boring, “he told AFP Chuck McLaughlin chairman of the World Association of Detectives (WAD).
When it comes to earnings, private investigators say they live in style, but are satisfied. As for leisure, they spend like any other ordinary person.
“You must have a good living. As a detective you can become rich and to retire soon, but I pay my bills, I send my kids to college, I have a roof over your head, so it is good. Most often take my kids to competitions sport. it’s a job like any other person. I work all day, then spend time with his family can play golf or tennis weekend. it’s a normal life, “says Chuck McLaughlin.
You may wonder why we need a private detective since there police, lawyers and institutions that can deal with solving cases. In a legal system organizations are investigating the crime, but the courts can not be helpful when it is not a criminal case nor are there many ways investigation regarding human rights, says Matthias Willenbrink, president of WAD .
“In practical terms, if you look in most legal systems around the world, we have an organization solid investigation of crime. However, when it comes to human rights, there are few ways of investigating and fixing them. People usually go to a lawyer and asked to help, but a lawyer needs evidence, information, or she can help people. Since this is not a criminal case, there is another instance to help them. private investigators fill a hole many important international systems that can be helpful when it comes to human rights, “said Matthias Willenbrink AFP.
President WAD also said that a good private investigator must be very well prepared for the job that practice, have a good level of knowledge of legislation and communication skills, as detective work involves a lot to get in touch with people and try to get information from them.

Equally important is interest in technology, because it is working heavily on computer, internet and databases, but also with recording and monitoring devices that can be lighters, pens or caps. Given that each case is different, a private investigator must have an open mind and be interested in a wide range of topics, not ever focus on one type of case.
Dan Rusu, member of the WAD says that detective work is difficult and not always receive the help they need to solve cases. He gave an example.
“It’s a case of targeting a drug of a big firms from America, classified as a narcotic. Patients began to find boxes where all the capsules were broken. I saw about five cases and found us in weighing that where probably missing some pills was filled with the screws computer, on the back of the computer, bits of iron fed into the box. It was time someone who wanted to harm the company or distributor. There were all sorts of talks in America, customs, I took a methodical, the National Agency for Medicines (NAM), the Police, the departments drug with everyone. the job lasts eight months. the manufacturer said that maybe the factory something happened or on the road, up to found a Romanian coin in a box. I do not have the Americans that. And then remained variants that happens or distributor in the warehouse or on road transport, which is less likely. I tried all the variations, I interviewed all patients, not one of them somehow to have problems. I checked the links between them. Distributor unfortunately did not want to cooperate at all, perhaps because he knew it was a problem to him. Police did nothing to demand from the dealer receiving records, which do not see anything, only inputs and outputs. They said they did not do. We took samples from all five boxes, I sent back to laboratories in America, because the manufacturer knows best what to put. The great thing somehow was not counterfeit or not substances other than those to be who to kill. There have been cases in America. A large business that had a nasty case held that a demented take the capsules apart and put them in them poison. He killed not know how many people. So sensitive subject is loud. We benchmarking producer, between what should be and what was found. Unfortunately conclusions are that we can act to a certain level, then if we do not help or support, we can not move forward. Here I had to be in the same car with someone from the NMA and the police and go to the distributor to discuss. In situations like this it goes on matters in more detail and more professional in the sense that often recruited from the determined man who is employed there and be sure to take one of the drivers and one warehouse. Recruit them, make them your own people. You need to pay to instruct them. It’s a matter of duration, quite expensive and the customer must agree. In this case it said it was not company policy. But it’s the only solution, otherwise you can not, “said Dan Rusu AFP.
The detective revealed a case where the work results have materialized, this time client agreeing with infiltration of an agent within the company.
“This situation was at a big company, headquartered in Germany, with several large factories and about 10,000 employees. This has gone on agent infiltrated with management’s permission. I made a resume to look good and was employed there. the operation lasted seven months. the man had protocol to befriend employees. it was also very pleasant, funny. it was not long until they came to beer in town, to film the girls. He went into their gang, and about six months I learned a whole chain. some of the products that we found were there at a time on an online sales site. Once we started to take of them and do values ??have disappeared, probably s announced between them. But anyway, it was the job already documented, it was already known who’s involved, what’s the pathway. Bagau products in packs at night could drive the trash and throwing packages in it. we had the car for them, and I noticed that after they discarded the corner. It got to a point at one million euro per year, thefts of these naughty “says Dan Rusu.
Dan Rusu believes that the image of detectives has suffered greatly because of those who post ads on the Internet and offer their services against amounts attractive, though not licensed, and at the end of the investigation does not provide a full report which you can use to court to resolve a case, only information obtained in a manner not very professional.

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