Top-class risk management services in Ukraine

In today’s world, there is a big number of detective agencies around the world, including Ukraine. Most of agencies and private investigators are engaged in private investigations such as spousal surveillance, divorce investigations, kids protection, search of information, etc. Corporate or business investigations are not so wide spread, but it becomes a trend of big corporation to hire third party investigation companies to satisfy their needs.
Corporate investigations in Ukraine are directed to minimize the risks of business activity and cover a wide range of scopes, from intellectual property protection to anti-fraud and criminal inquiries. Nowadays they are represented by due diligence investigations, brand protection (anti-counterfeiting), skip tracing, employee background checks, vehicle search.
Due diligence in Ukraine delivers information business needs to make sure in their partners, employees or background of deals. The decision regarding cooperation with wrong customer, hiring wrong employee, dealing with wrong business partner or supplier could ruin the whole business. There are some opened sources in Ukraine where information about Ukrainian company may be found. For example, United State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, United State Register of court decisions are open (though only in Ukrainian), however much other important information, like financial data, business principals, relations between companies, import-export activity can usually be collected, analyzed and complied in clear report only by professional investigators.
The goal of anti-counterfeit investigations is to protect customer’s market share and reputation of the brand by detecting, investigation and disruption of counterfeit supply along with local law enforcement. There are variety of different state authorities and departments dealing with IPR in Ukraine, so professional approach and good relations with law enforcement are required to make effective anti-counterfeit work.
Pre-employment check is critical part of hiring process in Ukraine especially for hiring managers or persons that have direct access to company’s assets (funds, products on storage, etc). The check is directed to find out if there is adverse information on potential employee (criminal records, relations to criminals, alcohol, gambling, or connections with business of competitors). However it may be also directed to confirm positive information (checking references, validity of diploma or degree, etc).
On the last note it is necessary to say that though wide possibilities to collect information, unfortunately, facts obtained and confirmed by investigators in Ukraine usually cannot be submitted as evidence in the Ukrainian courts. Usually they are just for customer’s and law enforcement internal use, analysis and decision making.

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