Debt collection company GCS Ukraine – Your main consultant in a credit and risk management field

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Debt collection company GCS Ukraine –
Your main consultant in a credit and risk management field.

GCS Ukraine is dynamically developing debt collection company in Ukraine, an expert in credit and risk management fiend. The main activity of the company  is debt collection in Ukraine and around the world, focused first of all on qualitative service of customers.


 GCS Ukraine is managed by local people, ensuring a comprehensive knowledge of the area, language, culture and customs as well as the laws.


We provide you with a report, that contains information about the business and financial status of the company you are interested in.


We ensure your protection from fraud, piracy and counterfeiting and to prevent loosing of your income from fraud, unscrupulous business partners or dishonest employees.


We collect the debts both in Ukraine and abroad. Debt collection is based on the principle «no collection — no fee». 


GCS thanks to its global coverage is one of the world’s largest credit management specialists. GCS Ukraine possesses all resources for the complex permission of the clients. The significant experience accumulated by leading GCS Ukraine experts in the field of credit and risk management. It is the warranty of acceptance of optimum decisions. In our person you will find a constant and responsible partner. GCS Ukraine, as well as our client, is interested in best results for both.

Debt collection company in Ukraine – GCS Ukraine attaches special significance to its staff as professional perfomance is a major factor influencing success. Experience of our employees  is the most valuable resource of the company, allowing to show the good results.
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