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Assets search Ukraine

Assets search Ukraine is another kind of commercial investigation in Ukraine, where client needs specific information about some assets that belong to person or company. Usual origin of such search is debt collection or court case, where creditor needs to know if there is something he may recover.
GCS Ukraine is able to run such assets search Ukraine to find real estate or valuable assets on the territory of Ukraine.
Search of asset requires both strong analytical skills to access to various sources of information.

The other popular situation is equipment or car repossession. Many leases do not return leased cars or equipment and leasing companies have to make a lot of efforts for recovery. In the case with cars, cross-border investigations are required and GCS Ukraine is able to help through wide GCS network of investigators in different countries.

Not only access to information and good relations with law enforcement agencies are required there, but also experience in field work and knowledge of local legislation. GCS Ukraine has experienced analysts, investigators and lawyers to perform any assets search Ukraine the client may need.

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