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Debt collection in CIS

GCS Ukraine provides debt collection in CIS countries as well as in Ukraine.
возврат долгов
GCS Ukraine 9 years of expertise and international resources to provide the top-class solutions in CIS and Baltic countries, namely:

  • debt collection Ukraine
  • debt collection Russia
  • debt collection Belarus
  • debt collection Kazakhstan
  • debt collection Latvia
  • debt collection Lithuania
  • debt collection Estonia
  • debt collection Georgia
  • debt collection Moldova
  • debt collection Azerbaijan
  • debt collection Armenia
  • debt collection Kyrgyzstan
  • debt collection Uzbekistan
  • debt collection Tajikistan
  • debt collection Turkmenistan


Managed and powered with local people, we ensure a comprehensive knowledge of the area, language, culture and customs as well as the laws that apply in the respective countries. This assists in eliminating lingual or cultural barriers. It also assists our clients to overcome obstacles they may have in trying to recover outstanding monies.
Through our partners in GCS Credit we may also offer debt collection solutions in more than other 90 countries of the world. All partners are joined by international platform GCMS . This comprises a global case management system with a database for global case distribution, administration, management and reporting to clients.

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