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Mystery shopping in Ukraine


Mystery shopping is the powerful instrument for research of markets, assessment of service quality and collection of market intelligence.

There are various goals for mystery shopping service:

evaluation of services quality, checking availability of certain SKUs,

identification of fraud, counterfeiting, thefts in the customer’s shops,

market research of competitors,

finding start point for anti-counterfeit, anti-fraud or anti-theft investigations,

Regardless of the goals, GCS Ukraine investigators are in capacity to deliver professional, prompt and cover mystery shopping in every corner of Ukraine. The key to success is knowledge of the products, good undercover and professional organization which includes search and systematization of targets, making plan of purchases, handling obtained evidences, detailed and specific reporting to the customer.

Mystery shopping service may be delivered via:


  • retail telephone shopping or web shopping with delivery,
  • physical visits to the retail shops,
  • retail and wholesale purchases through undercover entities.


As in every investigation it is very important for customer to clearly specify goals of the shopping and parameters to be checked by investigators. In such case, with help of GCS Ukraine investigators, mystery shopping may be powerful instrument for marketing researches and collection of intelligence.

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